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Hitachi Consulting

Hitachi Consulting is the professional services arm of Hitachi Ltd., a $100 billion dollar global engineering and information management company. Hitachi Consulting employs over 6,500 professionals in 18 countries and we are one of the leading IT consultancies in the UK. Hitachi Consulting provides Management Consulting, Technology Solutions and Outsourcing Services, serving a number of vertical market sectors. We are committed to delivering business modernisation by applying the latest advances in business application technology to achieve organisational effectiveness and operational excellence.

Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid Analytics is a business intelligence leader offering an analytics platform that helps companies transform into data-driven organisations. Pyramid Analytics’ BI Office is an analytics platform that gets the right information capabilities into the hands of every decision maker across the enterprise, resulting in a smarter organisation.

Pyramid Analytics’ teams are based in operational centers across the US, UK and EMEA. To learn more, visit our BI Office Version 6 microsite, , follow us on Twitter at @PyramidAnalytic, and connect with us on LinkedIn


Big data. Small data. All data. You have access to an ever-expanding volume of data inside the walls of your business and out across the web. The potential in data is endless – from predicting election results to preventing the spread of epidemics. But how can you use it to your advantage to help move your business forward?

Data is growing exponentially and it’s now possible to mine and unlock insights from data in new and unexpected ways. Empower your business to take advantage of this data by harnessing the rich capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server and the familiarity of Microsoft Office to help organize, analyze, and make sense of your data—no matter the size.