Whats New in Denali-DB engine and client tools

SQL Server "Denali" delivers many highly anticipated features that some feel are long overdue. In this session you will get a first-hand look at many of these new features relating to the engine (contained databases, AlwaysOn, and T-SQL enhancements), client tools (Management Studio, Books Online, and "Juneau"), and changes to setup and system requirements. You'll also learn about some of the features that will not be making it into Denali, and deprecated functionality that will stop working in this or the next release.
Presented by Aaron Bertrand at SQLBits IX
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    Aaron is a senior consultant for SQL Sentry, makers of performance monitoring and event management software for SQL Server, Analysis Services, and Windows. He has been blogging at sqlblog.com since 2006, focusing on manageability, performance, and new features; has been an MVP since 1997-98; and speaks frequently at user group meetings and SQL Saturday events.
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