Where’s my data? An introduction to Spatial Queries in SQL Server 2008

It is reckoned that 80-90% of data has a spatial component to it. But what do we do with it now? At best, we constrain it to postcodes. Well, that would be great if we were delivering letters, but the majority of us aren’t. In this session we look at Spatial Queries in SQL Server to see how it works and what can be done with it. Here's what Gary Short said about the session when he saw it: - "Colin Mackay's Spatial Data talk last night really rocked! If you get the chance to see it you should."
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    Colin Angus Mackay is a software developer specialising in Microsoft technologies located in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a Member of the British Computer Society, a Microsoft MVP (C#) for three years running, a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, the Chairman of Scottish Developers, Code Project MVP for five years running, and has organised two DDD Scotland events (with a third in the making). While not involved in software related pursuits is an amateur photographer (which generally involves wondering why his camera's autofocus mechanism chooses the potted plant off to the side rather than the main subject).
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