Database Design Contentious Issues

A highly interactive and popular session where attendees evaluate the options and best practices of common and advanced design issues, such as:
  • Natural vs. Surrogate keys 
  • DBA vs Dev vs DA
  • Data Type Lengths 
  • RDBMs vs. NoSQL
  • the CLOUD
  • Who Calls the Shots and Who Does What?
  •  ...and others. 
Bring your votes, your debates, and your opinions.
Presented by Karen Lopez at SQLBits XII
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    Karen Lopez is a Sr. Project Manager and Architect at InfoAdvisors. As a Microsoft MVP, she specializes in the practical application of data management principles.  Her speaking style is interactive and engaging. An active blogger, speaker and social networker as @datachick, she hopes to influence attendees to love their data.

    She is a chronic volunteer, Advisor to the Data Management Association's International Board, a frequent speaker on diversity in technology, data policy, open data and emerging technologies and a sometimes runner.  She's also known for her enthusiasm for all things space-related.
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