4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London

Automated Database deployment with SSDT

Deploying schema changes and database code to a live server can be a nerve-wracking experience fraught with danger with every script. The smallest error can cause untold amounts of downtime, this is bad for in-house systems but for ecommerce systems its catastrophic. Database changes are permanent, there is no ‘undo’ , there is no rollback. There is no safety net. If something goes wrong we have to fix forward, let us hope that we get that right and not compound the error. We cant just put back the old code and revert to a previous version. In this session we shall look at the options of deploying database changes, and how we can automate many of the manual steps involved. 
Presented by Dave Ballantyne at SQLBits XI
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    Dave is a freelance SQL Server database architect / designer / developer / consultant and lives near London, England.  He is a regular speaker at UK and European events and user groups and currently is supporting the London SQL community by organizing the "SQL Supper" user group.  He takes a keen interest in all things SQL and data related and is never happier than picking apart a poorly executing query.  He has also created an open sourced add-in for SQL Server data tools (SSDT) called "TSQL Smells".  This detects and reports on 'suspect'  code within a project and can be found at http://tsqlsmellsssdt.codeplex.com . Outside of work he is husband, father of 3 and exasperated archer.

    http://www.clearskysql.co.uk http://dataidol.com/davebally/feed/
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