2005 SQLCMD Scripting

Scripting is essential for many tasks: eg. automating tasks and streamlining installs and performing changes on remote databases. Solid scripting is essential in larger organisations - all changes are deployed to production in this way. Improving your scripting not only makes you more productive but can also make a difference to your pay packet - giving you access to these larger and more formal environments! On the surface, scripting is not the most exciting of concepts BUT the world has changed significantly since isql grew up and became SQLCMD and many uses that we could only once dream of are now made possible with SQLCMD. If you've not used SQLCMD yet - be prepared for a surprise - I can guarantee you that once you leave this session you'll have the "by default, open new queries in SQLCMD mode" option permanently checked! This session will be useful to you even if you can only "string together a handful of SQL queries" - as that's all scripting is at the simplest level! This session goes well beyond the concepts and shows tried-and-trusted techniques used every day by the session's presenter.
Presented by Hue Holleran at SQLBits II
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    Hue Holleran is a professional consultant specialising in Enterprise RDBMS solutions: SQL Server since v4.2, Oracle since v7 and Hadoop since its first releases - and all versions of those products since. After more than 20-years as a consultant to over 100-organisations - and the largest global brands in various industries - Hue has established a reputation for developing innovative BUT practical solutions. Since developing in mainframe 'C' and DBase/FoxBase+ in the 1980's and Oracle and SQL Server in the 1990's, Hue's current interest is in multi-terabyte and multi-threaded BigData and Enterprise-scale solutions. Hue has frequently presented on various topics since presenting for Microsoft at all UK venues for the Visual Studio 6 launch in 1998, Hue's current focus is on leveraging the database's enterprise capabilities to implement truly robust and resilient systems that retain excellent performance even in the most challenging of environments.
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