The audience will see benefits and disbenefits of usage of FILLFACTOR in different scenarios. The audience will see what deep impact a wrong usage of FILLFACTOR may have to their applications in the same way as the speed up for different workloads if a FILLFACTOR will be chosen for the objects in the database.

We will do a deep dive into the dependencies of indexes and buffer pool and locate impacts of bad indexes and wrong usage of FILLFACTOR to the buffer pool.

This session is a demo driven presentation (75%)
Presented by Uwe Ricken at SQLBits XII
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    I am working with IT-systems since early 1990's and with the main focus on SQL Server since version 6.0. I started with development of database applications in 1998 with a professional CRM-System based on Microsoft products (Microsoft Office and SQL Server). Since 2008 I'm focused exclusively on Microsoft SQL Server and since 2008 I'm working in 3rd level support for banks, insurances and world wide acting industries. Since May 2013 I'm a Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008 which was a hard - but amazing - way into the depth of Microsoft SQL Server. Helping others with their problems with Microsoft SQL Server and sharing my knowledge is another passion of me; so you will find me quite often in the Microsoft forums (msdn / technet) for SQL Server. Furthermore I like to speak about Microsoft SQL Server. I'm an IT-Trainer since 1991 and had several acts as speaker on the german PASS and the SQL-Server / .NET Community in Nuremberg (SNEK). In July 2013 I have been awarded with the MVP Award for my activities in the community for the SQL Server product(s). When I'm not working with Microsoft SQL Server I'm writing about my daily experiences with Microsoft SQL Server in my blog. Due to the fact that most high professional blogs are written in english language I decided to publish in german language only to share the deep knowledge about Microsoft SQL Server with the german community. You can find my (german only!) blog at My hobbies are diving, driving my motorcycle and my Italian sport car from Maranello which I own since 1998. One dream is a tour on the road 66 across the USA which - I hope - will come true in 2015.
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