4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London

CDC you can have your cake and eat it

Change Data Capture (CDC) reads the log file to copy data inserts, updates and deletes asynchronously to change tables, it is a light weight way of capturing changes to a database.  However there are a few architectural and design issues to address.  It is very useful in a Warehouse ETL scenario, but can be applied to other situations.

How it fits into SQL product set.
What it is good for.
How it works (Architecture) – reads log asynchronously, mainly CLR based
Demo setting up CDC, reading CDC tables
How to handle table changes, max two instances
Demo Handling structure changes
How to use it to maintain a Warehouse.
How to initially load. Demo Initialising from a snapshot and if time a backup.
Creating the ETL process – BIML, SSIS 2008 & 2012.
Handling the sliding window when CDC is cleaned up.
Demo: Illustrating sliding window.
Presented by Geoff Clark at SQLBits XI
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    Geoff has architected SQL systems with high throughput and availability for business in many sectors including media and finance. Geoff has been involved with SQL Server since the beginning having been the technical architect at BAA for one of the earliest SQL database project. Geoff began his professional career as a consultant for ICL based in the City of London, designing and capacity planning mainframe systems before moving to Ingres relational databases on Sun and more recently Microsoft .Net technology including SQL Server.

    MCM SQL Server 2008, MCPD Azure.

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