Plus ça change (plus cest la même chose).

There are only so many things you can do with a SQL Server. OK, so that's a bit of a broad statement, but we all tend to get caught up in the latest thing, what's shiny and what's fun.
Some of the most fun you can have with SQL Server is down at the physical layer (and I'm talking about performance mainly here), and there are some core concepts that you really need to get a grip on when designing or performance tuning your database. These bits haven't really changed since SQL Server 6.5 in that they're still important. Let's whizz through a few....
Presented by Richard Munn at SQLBits XI
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    Starting with SQL Server 6.5, I've been working as a DBA since early 1999. A few jobs later, and I'm still involved very much at the coal-face. Performance tuning and SSIS are my current favourite items in the prodcuct stack, but I'll have a go at anything, to be honest.
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