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Excel 2013 - Whats new beside PowerPivot and Power View?

You probably already heard a lot of the wonders of PowerPivot and Power View, but will you have any other cool new BI features with Excel 2013. The answer is a big YES!
This session will be one long demo, where you will learn about stuff like Flash Fill, TimeLine Slicers, creating new MOLAP calculated members and measures directly in Excel, use of Excel Applications and how the Excel Interactive View gives you the analytical power of Excel to use on any HTML table on any web page.
Presented by Stephan Stoltze at SQLBits XI
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    Stephan has more than 10 years experience with Microsoft BI Consultancy and Training and works as a Principal Consultant at Stoltze IT. He is the founder and coordinator of the Danish Microsoft BI Community and has been a speaker at various Microsoft BI events and webcasts. You can follow Stephan at @sstoltze or read his blog
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