Excel for DBAs

Excel can be an incredibly useful tool in your toolbox, but like all things in there you don't want to spend hours doing simple tasks.  This session aims to show you how to do perform some useful tasks quickly and effectively.  

This session is designed to be entirely practical - so if you want a task covered, tweet it to @SteffLocke and I'll see if I can incorporate it.
Presented by Stephanie Locke at SQLBits XII
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    Stephanie Locke (@SteffLocke) is an experienced Analyst and BI developer within the Finance and Insurance industries. Steph runs her local SQL Server User Group, helps organise SQLRelay, co-author of the book Tribal SQL and contributes to the community at large via blogging, presenting and forums.
    http://steff.itsalocke.com http://itsalocke.com/index.php/feed/
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