Extending SSIS with Custom Tasks

This session is all about developing for SSIS, writing .Net code to create your own tasks. We cover by way of introduction the different component types you can develop, and the common approach you can use. We will walk through examples of task development highlighting best practice and lessons learned. You will also find out how to create user interfaces and interact with the SSIS design-time environment for a rich user experience. As well as getting real-world insights into developing for SSIS, you will learn the practicalities of installing and managing components.
Presented by Darren Green at SQLBits I
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    Darren is an independent consultant specialising in data solutions with SQL Server. Having been working with SQL Server from 6.5 onwards he has extensive experience in many aspects of SQL Server, but now focuses on solving problems with SQL Server and SSIS.
    http://www.konesans.com http://www.sqlis.com/sqlis/syndication.axd?author=Darren%20Green
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