Effective test-driven database development

Part I: Technical challenges and best practices for Database TDD (30 mins)

  • Why database TDD is hard
  • What can we do to make it easier
  • Best practices for stored procedure unit testing
  • Best practices for Java/.NET integration tests that involve a database

Part II: DbFit technical demo (20 mins)

  • Why DbFit succeeded where x-Unit style tools have failed
  • Effectively testing stored procedures
  • managing relational data during a test
  • Using DbFit to prepare data or verify the test results for Java/.NET integration tests
  • Covering legacy code with tests
Q&A (10 mins)

This talk was previously presented at the Agile 2008 conference in Toronto.
Presented by Gojko Adzic at SQLBits IV
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    Gojko Adzic runs Neuri Ltd, a UK-based consultancy that helps companies build better software by introducing agile practices and tools and improving communication between software teams, stakeholders and clients. His programming story so far includes equity and energy trading, mobile positioning, e-commerce, betting and gaming and complex configuration management. Gojko is the author of several popular printed and online guides on acceptance testing, including Bridging the Communication Gap, Test Driven .NET Development with Fitnesse and Getting Fit with .NET, and more than 200 articles about programming, operating systems, the Internet and new technologies published in various online and print magazines. He is the primary contributor to the DbFIT database testing library which is used by banks, insurance companies and bookmakers worldwide.
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