4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London

Real World Big Data-Deploy, Design and Manage like a Pro

This session will be presented by a team of accomplished Big Data architects and
developers focused on making this technology real for the attendees. There are
several aspects that are typically covered in these sessions including: What is
big data?, How does it impact you? How to connect Hadoop to your BI solution,
and some basic demos. This session goes far beyond that. We will be covering
the basics quickly to bring everyone up to speed and then shifting the focus to
deployment models, best practices, administration and configuration patterns,
and more!

We will do this through a series of labs that the audience can follow along with.
These labs and demos will showcase how to make Big Data real for the
enterprise. That means something for the architects with on-demand compute and
analysis, something for operations with real time operational streaming and
analytics, predictive analytics for the analysts and development and BI
integration for the data developers.

Each student will build a new environment and setting up these scenarios so they can
take the examples back to their own firm and use them the next day. This is a
real development and architecture coaching and training session that will leave
attendees excited about all that these technologies can do to modernize their
data architecture.

We will also provide coverage of new innovation areas such as Stinger, Spark and
other new technologies that make this ecosystem more valuable to the modern
data professional.

Goal #1 - To educate the attendee on Hadoop and Big Data’s role in the enterprise data
architectures of modern organizations.

Goal #2 -  Educate and walk attendees through design patterns and hands on examples of building
out: On demand compute models, predictive analytics, real-time operational
analytics, enterprise development, and BI integration patterns.

Goals #3 -  Demonstrate multiple deployment options, best practices, and decision paths for choosing
the right approach for your analysis workload or organization. This includes best
practices for configuration and administration.

There are a lot of “Big Data” sessions out there. The presenters for this session are
experienced practitioners and architects working in this space with several
years of expertise. They bring that expertise with them in a series of hands on
live build exercises leaving the attendees with something of real value to take
back to their company. This session will cover the information needed for
participants to return to their organizations and begin implementing this in
their organizations. This session will cover all the important questions and
leave the attendees excited!
Presented by Adam Jorgensen and John Welch at SQLBits XII
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    My current focus is directing and managing strategic and operational aspects of Pragmatic Works and President and Board Member. In addition I serve the global community of data professionals as an Executive Board Member and the Executive Vice President of Finance and Governance for PASS. PASS is the world’s largest organization of data professionals and I'm honored to be a part of the strategic leadership body. Both organizations match my drive for customers and member organizations finding new and powerful ways to be better at what they do through an insights focused lens..

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