Policy Based Management-What condition are your Servers in

Policy Based Management (PBM) is a feature to help control the 'conditions' a SQL
Server is allowed, is it adhering to your policy standards, are "Best-Practices" being implemented, learn to how 'Evaluate' and 'Control' your SQL estate with minimum effort

Learn how to harness powershell to aid your efforts in maintaining order throughout your systems, gain insights into those potentially problematic servers before they become headaches

Discover the depths of control available using PBM that every DBA should have knowledge of, combined with some Powershell scripts to speed through the deployment of the policies and reporting on your SQL Servers health

Presented by Neil Hambly at SQLBits XI
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    Neil Hambly is a SQL veteran with over 15 years’ expertise in SQL Server from Version 6.5 through to the very latest 2012 edition. Neil has held numerous DB roles at major organizations such as BBC, ABN AMRO, ACCENTURE, alongside a number of smaller companies, with prior roles as both a DBA ,Developer & Architect, He is now the Principle Database Engineer @ ASOS. He is a PASS UK Regional Mentor & leader of SQL London PASS Chapter, often seen speaking @ international and national SQL events
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